with Amy Needham & Caleb Benson

Date: Sunday, April 28

Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: Healthy Village Wellness Center

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Event Overview

Experts teach everything you need to know for a healthy and beautiful landscape to feed your
family, pollinators and all the good bugs too.

There will be three talks will be based on the following:

The Importance of Layering Diversity in Plantings (and how to achieve it!) with Amy Needham

In this talk, we will be going over how to create an ecosystem out of your landscape that is vibrantly healthy, beautiful and low maintenance. By melding all the components of a landscape – groundcovers, perennials, low shrubs, large shrubs and trees – in mulched beds. We will also go over how to design them properly so they’re successful, how to maintain them to keep both the plants and insects healthy and how to design them to achieve what they want in their yard (whether it be food, flowers, wildlife, visual barriers, you name it).

Edible Landscapes with Caleb Benson
Everything from variety/crop selection to proper care. Most people have no idea all the amazing food trees and shrubs we can grow here in Grande Prairie, and we want to tell them what’s growing here successfully, what we’ve tried that failed, and all the different options available.

Creating Proper Pollinator Gardens with Amy Needham
In this talk, we will cover how to create proper pollinator gardens for beneficial insects from bees, lacewings and ladybugs to ground beetles and parasitoidal wasps. We will go over everything you need or want to know about shrubs and perennials, including what’s tried and true right here in Grande Prairie. I design my beds to feed and shelter all beneficial insects using plants that are hardy, drought tolerant, low maintenance and bloom from spring until frost.


10:00 am to 11:30 am - The Importance of Layering Diversity in Plantings (and how to achieve it!) with Amy Needham

11:30 am to 12:00 pm Break

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm - Edible Landscapes with Caleb Benson

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Creating Proper Pollinator Gardens with Amy Needham


All day pass is $40.00 per person. Must pre-register, please note admission is non-refundable. 

You can register online or call our office at 780-832-4012.

About Amy Needham

Amy Needham is a dedicated plant lover. She had her own greenhouse and garden by the age
of 10 and has been growing ever since. She got her MSc. in Plant Science at the University of
Alberta, preferring to stay close to her family in the Peace Country for school and returning there
soon after graduation.


After a brief stint as a crops agronomist, she found her calling in the public service, helping keep municipalities healthy and growing. She is an ISA-certified Arborist and loves to design landscapes as an ecosystem, where each component works together to keep them all healthy.


This is the essence of integrated pest management and she hopes to show how each of us can achieve it in our own yards. She is also the proud mother of two girls aged 2 and 5 which keep her plenty busy at home!

About Caleb Benson

My name is Caleb Benson, I am a local with a passion for the outdoors and people.


I am learning who I am and who I represent to others but at my core is my faith and people; my interests in trees are a wonderful by-product of both. My schooling has included a Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta, a diploma from NAIT in Landscape Architecture Technology, and I am looking forward to whatever learning or change comes.

Nature and gardening have been ingrained since childhood and I continue to enjoy doing/being immersed in both especially if the experience is shared with others. This desire and my faith has guided me through a journey to help create environments that favor authentic community and at its core…freedom, joy, and a hope for tomorrow.

I am happy to say that this journey is not over and our ability to continuously grow encourages me.

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