A collaboration with the Urban Roots Program and Healthy Village Wellness to plant & grow more trees in our city.
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How it Works

With every lecture you attend at Healthy Village, we will donate to help plant & grow more trees.


Donations will go directly to the Urban Roots Program to increase both the number of trees in Grande Prairie as well as overall diversity. 

Putting Down Roots in Grande Prairie: The Story of Urban Roots

Urban Roots is the story of how passion can become reality. Two young men, Ian Hof and Caleb Benson, with an intense commitment to our urban forest, set out to change the face of our city. They saw how the forests across eastern North America were changed forever as a result of invasive pests like Dutch elm disease and the emerald ash borer.

“There are entire forests that are just skeletons now. Millions of trees dead from invasive insects and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them,” Ian says.“That’s when we knew we had to do something to save Grande Prairie from the same fate.”

The only true defense against any threat to the health of the urban forest, whether it be a disease, an insect, climate change, pollution, or even humans themselves, is diversity. 


“Trees are living beings just like you or I,” says Caleb. “They are born, they grow and then they die. What we want to ensure is that there will never be a time when more trees are dying than growing. We need a wide diversity of tree families, species, ages, sizes and types to buffer the urban forest as a whole against any threat that may arise.”

Urban trees in particular face some of the harshest, most unforgiving conditions any plant can survive, from soil compacted into rock, to being doused in salt spray and pollution from vehicles, to having their roots ripped up for utility repairs and their branches torn off by passersby. The goal of the Urban Roots program is to give any citizen of our city the chance to make a real, positive difference in the health of our urban forest.


Donations will go directly to increasing both the number of trees in Grande Prairie as well as overall diversity. By working with the Integrated Pest Management team at the City of Grande Prairie, care will be taken to only purchase trees that have no approaching devastating pests, and they

We are excited to work with local businesses and citizens such as Dr. Dalen and the Healthy Village Wellness Center to improve the local urban forest. These trees give so much to the city and our citizens and we are proud to be able to give something back.