Meet Christa, our friendly front-of-office! 

I am Christa LeClerc, I am a wife and a mother to two young children and I am excited to be a part of the Healthy Village Wellness Center team. While writing this I asked my son what he would say about me and he replied, “you are kind, you never yell, you don’t know Kung Fu and you never attack people.” My daughter just said, “you’re awesome.”

Professionally speaking I completed my Office Administration Certificate at GPRC and look forward to putting my skills to use at this beautiful clinic.  Please consider me to be your front office concierge, the go between you and your practitioners, the glue that holds things together. I am eager to meet and assist you.


At Healthy Village Wellness, we are concerned with quality of life. Most specifically, we are concerned with helping you keep your body healthy, flexible, and strong long as possible so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. We focus on the primary lifestyle factors that promote health and well-being: Nutrition, Fitness and Mental Habits. 


We have a growing number of practitioners we have in the clinic: Naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, a clinical hypnotherapist, cranial sacral therapists, fitness trainers and many other guest practitioners we regularly bring to Grande Prairie to offer their services to you and our community. We also network and refer to talented experts within our community such as chiropractors, medical doctors and physiotherapists and more.