with Shawn Bouchard & Kolby Peterson

Date: Saturday Mar 23

Time: 10:30 am to 4:00 pm

Location: Healthy Village Wellness Center

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Event Overview

Here at Healthy Village Wellness it is one of our values to promote urban gardening projects that help make our community healthier and more beautiful. Growing our community and making it easy to know how to start your own garden is one of the goals of the Get Growing events. We bring in experts to show you the tips & tricks backed by years of experience all in a fun, interactive event for you to enjoy. 

Profits from this event are donated to the Urban Roots Program to plant & grow more trees in Grande Prairie.


Houseplants 101 with Shawn Bouchard
10:30am - 12:00pm 

Shawn will be talking Houseplants 101, specifically addressing how to keep your houseplants healthy, clean of indoor pests, and exactly what are the benefits of having indoor plants anyway? If you have pests on your houseplants, feel free to bring a sample, with a leaf from the plant in a sealed ziplock baggie. There will be a Q & A after the talk for your houseplant questions. Please, pest samples only, please do not bring plants with diseases or molds into Healthy Village Wellness.

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Please bring your own bag lunch or slip out and come back. 

Urban Permaculture Gardening with Kolby Peterson
1:00pm - 4:00pm

Rooted in the principles and practices of permaculture, this presentation is about how permaculture design can empower us to build the community we want to live in. Using examples from the far reaches of the globe to the Peace Country - Kolby will share the basics of permaculture design and how it can be applied to an array of human systems to build healthier, resilient, and thriving communities.

Permaculture offers alternative, creative, and practical ways to gather together, grow our food, and manage our landscapes that are as replenishing to the human spirit as to the land and soils upon which we live. You will be invited to gather around a table to sample and admire Peace Country terroir - the ‘taste of the lands’. In this, we find the hope beneath our feet, and in the possibilities that come when we reimagine how we meet our collective needs.


Pricing is $45.00 per person. Must pre-register, please note admission is non-refundable. 

You can register online or call our office at 780-832-4012.

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About Shawn Bouchard

I've been professionally growing annuals, perennials, tropicals and cacti  / succulents for 6 years. Our greenhouse has been open as a year round greenhouse since 2016. My personal favorite plants would be Haworthias & Philodendrons. I've been giving talks around the peace country now for around 3 years, at Garden Clubs, fundraisers and workshops. We've started a YouTube channel in 2016 that is garden orientated, but with a personal spin on the engagement. Our greenhouse is pronounced 'Bray-Heed' but spelled Braeheid.
I'll be talking all things houseplants. From which are the best to have in your home from a health benefits angle, to which are the most psychologically rewarding, to how to care for some of the most popular houseplants from 2018.


About Kolby Peterson

Kolby is passionate about helping shape and rebuild responsible connections with the land, and regenerating our soils and communities through ecological agriculture. One of the ways she enjoys seeing this happen is by showcasing the bounties that come from regenerative farms - bounty in the form of knowledge, nutritionally dense food, and beauty. She is a potluck advocate, a community gatherer, and loves to re-imagine the ways of a thriving, land-based culture. She cooks meals with as many possible ingredients grown on her farm, or grown by neighbours and friends, and given the chance will proceed to tell you about each one (ingredients and farmers, that is).


Kolby has found much fulfillment in applying her B.Sc. in Environmental Science to her work within rural extension, in supporting new and aspiring farmers through the Young Agrarians program, and in farming using nature as inspiration. Currently, Kolby is farming intergenerationally in the Peace Country, using (real) Percheron horse-power wherever possible, and endeavouring to co-create a co-operative farm..