with Donna Balzer

Date: Sunday Feb 10

Location: Healthy Village Wellness Center

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Event Overview

12:30pm to 1:30pm

Meet your local garden club! A panel of members from the local garden club will talk about their group and answer some question about their experiences gardening in Grande Prairie.

1:30pm to 3:00pm 

Caleb Benson Landscape Architectural Technologist and budding arborist will talk about the best tree choices, placement and care for your yard.


Join Permaculture Instructor, Wendy Smith of Heritage Farm in this hands on workshop where you will learn how to grow your own food in our northern climate. Whether you are new to gardening or an experienced Zone 2 grower, this workshop will show you the tips and tricks to help with a successful harvest. The workshop includes an introduction to Permaculture techniques, soil science and the cultural requirements of gardening with a raised bed, but more importantly, simple advice on how to grow organic food for your family.

As a naturalist, outdoor enthusiast and facilitator, Wendy Smith of Heritage Farm is looking forward to connecting with students to help them explore permaculture and zone 2 gardening in northwestern Canada. She was raised in the Peace region on a mix farm specializing in honey and seed production, which evolved into working as a technician for apiculture researchers and honeybee health initiatives for many years.

As a small mixed farm producer, she has been involved with specialty seeds, ancient grains, bees, cattle and commercial nursery crops where she worked alongside 4 generations of farmers. The Heritage Farm projects and the magazine soon became a learning resource centre for Canadian Small Farms & Urban Agriculture. Through Down to Earth workshops, Heritage Farm focuses on heritage varieties of seeds and plants hardy to our zone 2 environment, pollinator conservation and organic food production.


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Attend all day for $45
Limited to 25 Participants

Register by phone or in person at 780 832 4012 or 9701 84th Ave unit 15.

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