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Medical Doctor

"Just keep coming home to yourself. You are the one you've been waiting for." ~ Byron Katie 


Shelyn Somani has an M.D. degree in Family Medicine, is a certified acupuncturist through the University of Alberta, a Chopra Center certified meditation instructor, an energy work practitioner, and is a facilitator in The Work of Byron Katie.


Shelyn is a strong advocate of mind-body medicine.  She is passionate about converging medicine, psychology, and spirituality; bridging the gap between evidence-based medicine and the role thought plays in affecting physical and emotional health.  A wellness pioneer in the Peace region, she has come to know self-inquiry and meditation as the most powerful forms of preventative medicine.  She has gone through the gruelling process of becoming a western medical doctor, and has come out the other end declaring that every form of physical or mental suffering has a source.  She maintains that this source isn't fully addressed by writing prescriptions.  Rather, it must been SEEN, FELT, and QUESTIONED.  This is Dr. Shelyn Somani's mission - to show the way to health and fulfilment by using this beautiful vehicle we call the discerning mind.  


Dr. Somani offers one-on-one counselling sessions, workshops for meditation and The Work, acupuncture as well as energy work.  


  • Counseling for anxiety/ depression/etc : covered by Alberta Health Care (free), 60-90 minute session

  • ​Acupuncture : $60, 45-60 minute session

  • ​Acupuncture and cupping : $70, 45-60 minute session

  • ​Energy work : $60 for 30 minute session

Contact Information


To contact Shelyn or to book an appointment, please call 780-505-2887.